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              When I delete a user module I get errors in the compilation process.   
      How do I can to refresh the analog and digital interconnection scheme?   
      Maybe I guess I have to delete some files in the main.c or in the main.asm.   
      Do I?   
      Apart that, there's any way to see the scheme implementation are you getting with your program in PsOC design? I mean the electronic scheme. It's a bit annoying to have to imaging at every moment what are you designing.   
      And finally:   
      Anyone knows whats the pragma directives?   
      I found them in the C languaje User's guide page 21.   
      But anyway I don't know how to use it.   
      I'm watching a diffAmp user module example downloaded from   
      Why this basic user module it not available in the user module list?   
                  When you delete a user module from the project, all the library files related to the user module get deleted. If you have called any of the API from that user module, you will get compiler error. For example, if you had a Counter8 user module and had used the Counter8_Start function, then after deleting the Counter8 user module, the Counter8_Start will give an error.   
          Regarding diffAmp, there is no user module as such as a diffAmp, but an SCBLOCK user module can be configured as a Differential Amplifier.   
          #pragma directives are special keywords, used for various operations. For example:   
          1. #pragma abs_address and #pragma end_abs_address can be used to place specific values in the Flash in specific locations. Check out my below blog post which has details of this pragma   
          2. #pragma fastcall16 - This pragma is used to tell the compiler that certain assembly functions follow the fastcall16 rule of passing variables and returning results. When compiler sees this pragma, it will use certain methods to pass variables when calling the function.   
          All other pragmas will also have similar uses depending on the situation.   
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            I'm sorry Graa. But I don't know how to start the program.
            I have an example about an InvAmp writed its main file
            in assembly code.

            I have this files in the source Files folder:
            -- main.asm
            -- mainasm.asm
            -- mainc.c
            -- boot.asm
            The main.asm make calls to mainc and mainasm.asm
            By the other hand mainc make calls to this functions:

            //Start AMPINV with high power
            //Start PGA with hign power
            //get AGND to AnalogOutBuf_0
            //loop infinitely
            That I supose are created by the programer, since this examplke is how to create an InvAmp. And mainasm.asm starts the component.
            my problem is how to start to program, which files I must create.

            You will be able to find this example in this website:


            It's the 28 pins example, the first one.

            Thanks again. Is difficult to find good examples to how to program.
            It's not so intuitive as I thought at first sight.

            If I create a new proyect I have only a main.c
            I want to create a diffAmp.

            See u