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    General Questions on PSoC Creator and First Touch Starter Kit

              Rather than ask thirty different questions in thirty different Topics, I thought I'd ask them one at a time in a single thread.   
      I have about a lot of electronic experience and I've played a little with microprocessors, but the PSoC is new to me and the more I play with mine, the more questions I have.   
      FIRST QUESTION: Is it possible to save a Component Block? For example, in the CapSense Slider project that comes with the First Touch kit, the schematic shows an 8 bit control register connected to an 8 bit inverter through a bus and the inverters drive the 8 LEDs. All of these parts are inside a rectangle labeled Component Block for LED Control.   
      I'd sure love to copy that block, save it somewhere and just plunk it down into any future design that uses LEDs. Is this possible and if so, how do you do it?