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    cy7c68013a firmware

      I have a development board with cy7c68013a. I am able to connect the board with cyusb.sys driver. So I am able to use Cy Control Center and Cy Console.   
      I want to download firmware from this cy7c68013a chip to my PC, and debug it. Can I use Cy Control Center and Cy Console or Keil's uVision IDE for this purpose?   
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                  wat.... when you have the firmware in hand why do you want to download from fx2lp... actually what are you trying to do when you say download firmware from fx2lp to your PC... When you try what you are proposing all that you would be getting is hex values how will you figure out the firmware sequence using that...   
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                    I am planning to read the hex file by using 8051 hex file disassembler. So do you know how to retrieve machine code from cypress chip?   
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                      I understood that part but are you planning on hacking someone else's fx2lp firmware or something???? Hey temme the purpose of this... i mean a device that you are going to program you will have the firmware in hand... what is the reason behind this necessity...   
              With a little knowledge of the memory configuration and booting process it should be possible... but mostly it won't be through the usb interface...