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    USB firmware loader for 64 bit

              I have a product that uses the FX2LP device and loads its firmware through a sys file that was compiled on the windows DDK using the examples shown in "EZLoader Custom USB Firmware Loader Driver - AN041"   
      Now I need to upgrade to 64 bit. I have the "Cypress Suite USB 3.4.1" and have created a new inf file but my old sys file isn't compiled for 64 bit and when I plug my device in, Windows complains that the sys file isn't for this platform (Windows 7, 64 bit)   
      Q: Is there an updated version of the AN041 app note that outlines the process to upgrade to 64 bit? I have installed the Windows 7 DDK but I am still missing all the support files for a 64 bit compile   
      any pointers would be greatly appreciated!