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    Basic Question using CY3684 and CyConsole

      I am using the CY3684 dev. kit, have loaded the EP_Interrupts sofware example, and want to do a File Transfer to Endpoint 2 using the CyConsole. What format does the file have to be in to use the File Trans.. button properly on the CyConsole?   
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                  I don't think CyConsole cares what format, it just sends the bits that it finds in the file over to the device. If you were to open the file in a hex editor, you would see the data it would be sending.   
          This is all just theory, I haven't actually tested that example, but I have used that button before.   
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                    andrew what you are describing is right... cyconsole just converts the file into hex and sends it... cyconsole has a file transfer restriction of 4096 bytes... if you want to work with file transfers more than 4096 bytes you might wanna work with control center...   
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                      Ok, that makes sense but I am having problems with this. I put 11 22 ... 77 88 repeatedly in a file and when I go to do the File Transfer, the Console kind of freezes up for a second then says Bulk OUT File Transfer failed. Should the file not have any spaces in it? I saved it as a .txt file. Should it be a different format or use a certain encoding on the file (currently set to ANSI, other options are Unicode, Unicode big-endian, and UTF-8)? Sorry for the dumb question but I would really like to transfer a file for my testing.   
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                        The most probable reason is the device is NAKing the out request... What firmware are you using??? Are you using bulkloop or some firmware of that type... i mean those can receive data only till there is buffer and then they'll NAK... Here is what you can do... download cy4603 cystream example and try sending file to the firmware there... that firmware gets data and just discards it so that will be a good way to test if atleast something is happening...