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    example of code banking for FX/FX2

      Does any one have example for "Code banking" i have FX2 (up to 16k code/data) with flash (24LC64) of 64 kb how can i use the maximum the 64k of the flash?   
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                  FX2LP 128 pin version is capable of working with external memory and can support code up to 64KB... why do you want to go for code banking when your code size is much smaller than that??   
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                    1. the FX2 has 16 KBytes of On-Chip Code/Data RAM when the code is getting bigger then that i getting error from keil *** ERROR L107: ADDRESS SPACE OVERFLOW.   
            2. for the FX2 with 64k flash how i can code over the 16k limit without code banking?   
            3. we have the small flash of 64k But we going to upgrade to 1M flash AM29LV010B for future expansion of the code that should be very large.   
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                      How is this 64k flash connected to FX2 in your design???   
              If you download the DVK, you can notice in the schematic that FX2 is connected to a SRAM and uses it as external memory and in this kind of operation it can theoretically have a firmware of size 64k...   
              Keil tool chain is capable of generating code banked firmware... what i'm confused is whether you are actually using a serial interface and downloading code to internal RAM from time to time and trying to achieve code banking or are you using a parallel interface and want to code bank it....