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    cy7c68013a help

      I written the firmware using keil software.and converted into .hex to.iic using hextobix.exe.   
      now i have some confusion that is   
      I want store my firmware that is firmware.iic in to the EEPROM which is connected via I2C to cy7c68013a, and load the firmware into cy7c68013a from EEPROM when i power-up the board.   
      1)How can i download the firmware into EEPROM first time i.e using cyconsole tool.before downing the firmware.iic file into the EEPROM i have to be load any file into the cy7c68013a (i.e. Vend_Ax.hex ) or only Firmware.iic file is enough   
      2)CYUSB.sys file detect the hardware and enumerate or i have to write any driver at host side to detection and enumeration the device i.e cy7c68013a   
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                  1. cyconsole by itself will download vend_ax.hex and then use appropriate vendor commands to write to eeprom.. you don't have to do it separately... all u have to do is click LgEEPROM button and point to the .iic file to write to large eeprom.. for small eeprom use s eeprom button...   
          2. You have to write a inf file to bind the device with cyusb.sys