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    Can CY7C68013A be programmed to act as an USB Audio 2.0 device? USB->SPDIF?

      I am working on a new design which will use the CY7C68013A together with a FPGA to convert a USB Audio signal into SPDIF signal.   
      1. The CY7C68013A will act as the USB controller and convert the USB Audio signal into parallel data.   
      2. The FPGA will then covert the parallel data into SPDIF format.   
      3. Both (USB input and SPDIF output) of the above needs to support 24bit/192kHz audio data.   
      A few questions:   
      1. Is there any sample code for the CY7C68013A to act as an USB audio device and accept 24bit/192kHz audio data?   
      2. Can the CY7C68013A be programmed to act as a native USB Audio 2.0 device? Hence no custom USB driver is needed, user can use the generic USB audio driver comes with Windows.   
      Many thanks,