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    Problem with the CY3684 dev board

              I'm learning how to use the CY3684 development board. I was following the tutorials in the EZ-USB Advanced Development Kit User's Guide but I've encountered problems right at the 3rd tutorial - I'm not able to connect to the board using Keil uVision3. I assumed that somebody might have messed up the kit so I tried to restore the monitor. Using the EZ-USB Interface software I've dowloaded the monitor to the dev board (mon-ext-sio1-c0.hex) but I'm still unable to connect to the board. After downloading the monitor the green LED D7 lights up but that is the only effect it seems to have. The VID and PID returned by the EZ-USB Interface is 0x04B4 and 0x8613, respectively. Am I doing something wrong? How should I set the Select EEPROM and Enable EEPROM switches when downloading the monitor? Thanks for any help.