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    Cy7c68001 bulk transfer

      I'm developing an application with the Cy7C68001 which is addressed by a "slow" µController. On the Host side I'm using LabWindows CVI and the .NET CyUSB.dll. I'm sending 64*512Byte from the usb driver and read the data with Xfer_Data on the host side. Writing the 64packages takes about 100ms (very slow) at the beginning and the Xfer_Data function is waiting for the data. The host is sending a "read request" and the µController sends again 64*512Bytes.   
      For debugging reasons I'm looking at the FF and EF of the EP6 (2*512bytes) with an scope. At the beginning the data are beeing read by the host expectedly fast and the limitation for the data transfer is within the µController. Slowly over time the XFer_Data function takes more and more time and delivers an error via the GET_STATUS function. For debugging reasons I measured the time the XFer_Data function takes to acquire the data. Again, at the beginning within 0 to 1 ms and than slowly increasing... I stopped at 5ms after 5minutes.   
      Did someone come across such a phenomena and may be knows how to solve the problem!?   
      Kind regards Andreas