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    GPIF: convert to flow logic

      maybe someone can help me. I have a problem and i don't know what i'm doing wrong.   
      I have a waveform (only with 'normal' states) that is working fine. But i want to implement it with a flow state.   
      The waveform is used to read out data from an imager.   
      Some data:   
      - USB controler runs at 48 MHz   
      - GPIF runs at 48 MHz   
      - imager runs at 12 MHz   
      - LINE_VLD: line valid signal from the imager; while LINE_VLD=1 the imager puts valid data on the bus   
      Because the imager runs at 12 MHz the waveform contains 2 states and 2 decision points (so the GPIF will run at 48 MHz but read with 12 MHz).   
      This works fine for waveform 0 ('normal' states). But how can i do this with a flow state (waveform 2)?   
      I have uploaded the waveforms: