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    How to make a simple GPIF setup

      We have a setup with a cmos sensor connected to the FX2 (CY7C68013A-56-LFX).   
      We have made the following connections:   
      Image sensor Data <==> FIFO data   
      Image sensor Frame_valid <=> RDY1   
      Image sensor line_valid <=> RDY2   
      Image sensor pixel clk <=> IFClk   
      What we want to do should be simple:   
      If both line_valid and frame_valid (RDY1 and RDY2) are high pixel data should be clocked into endpoint 6.   
      No flow control has to be implemented as the image sensor does not support flow control.   
      Now we have been looking at the GPIF documentation. Here we can see that it can do millions of things. But we did not manage to find out how to make such a simple setup.   
      Also I took a look at the GPIF editor. There are either some things missing, or I did not manage to find them.   
      What I think that needs to be done by the GPIF is following:   
      1. use RDY1 and RDY2 to gate the /SLRD   
      2. somehow disconnect the FifoAddr1 and FifoAddr0 and set them by software to point to the FIFO for endpoint6   
      I did not find out how to do this through the GPIF editor or directly by setting the registers.   
      Can somebody help me get started with this?   
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          I'm doing exactly the same thing as you are.Attempting to interface a USB microcontroller with a CMOS image sensor.However I'm trying a different approach.Instead of using the GPIF method( Internal Master mode) we're trying to use the USB controller in the SLAVE FIFO mode i.e. the CMOS image sensor is the master.Since flow control is not an issue at all, this may work well.   
          However we're still in the nascent stages, if the GPIF has worked for you stick with it and do let me know ....we might consider switching over.   
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            No, unfortunately nobody seems to know how to get this done. We are also switching to the slave FIFO mode. :-(   
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              Since you're using Micron image sensors, I'm assuming it's using the standard SCLK,SDATA protocol to right?I've been through the datasheet and can't seem to find out if it will automatically start transferring data by default?What I mean is , are any interfacing signals going to be needed to initiate data transfer or does the default setting take care of that?