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    CyDvk.sys versus CyUSB.sys

              Hi, I'm planning to build a USB2 based application which requires a significant data bandwidth (between 20 and 40 MByte/S) using an EZ-USB FX2. I'm wondering if there is any difference in performances using CyDvk.sys or CyUSB.sys (Cypress stated that CyDvk is just a "non production" subset of CyUSB). Can somebody give me an advice about features included in CyDvk but which aren't in CyUSB and how they affect the maximal data throughput ?   
      I've a FX2 platform with the CyStream application programmed in a eprom (downloaded from Cypress web site). Unfortunately when it comes to the driver assignment (Vista home) something goes wrong and I always get an Eroor code 10 on the USB device (CyStream.inf and CyDvk.sys) . The same board works perfectly with al the other demos like BulkLoop... which are using CyUSB.sys.   
      Any input about using CyDVK.sys on Vista x86 machines?   
      Thanks in advance, Joel Brenner