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    Documentation for Cypress USB Compliance Test Board?

              We ordered the Full-Speed and Low-Speed USB 2.0 Compliance Test Boards from the USB-IF (    http://www.usb.org/developers/estoreinfo/) but they came with no documentation.   
      These boards are manufactured by Cypress and have part numbers PDC-9058 (Full-Speed) and PDC-9051 (Low-Speed). Searching for these part numbers on the Cypress site gives no matches.   
      The boards use Cypress chips CY7C64613 (EZ-USB, Full-Speed) and CY7C63743 (Low-Speed).   
      Is there any documentation for these boards beyond what is in the Compliance Test Device Functional Spec (    PDF link)?   
      The boards have a bunch of switches and LEDs and I'd like to know what they do.