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    Maximum useable memory of the AN2131S without additional RAM

      I use the AN2131S and want to be able to use the whole available memory the AN2131S has (without any additional RAM-memory). I use µVision3 from Keil and ask for the settings I have to make in the "BL51 locate"-tab of the "Options for target"-dialog.   
      I think my problem is solved more or less quickly for someone who is experienced with memory-mapping or how it's called (the thing you do in the "BL51 locate"-dialog):   
      I wrote a program, which is based on another, smaller program. I kept the settings of the originally (small) program (see screenshot here:    http://www.loaditup.de/413999.html). But I think through the originally settings in this dialog the used memory is very limited... So I want to ask, what I have to modify on this data to be able to use a maximum of the memory of the AN2131S.   
      A second question: Are the xdata- and the code-spaces both on the same memory (the XRAM)? And how much XRAM has the AN2131 (I read something about 4k or 8k)?