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    cant get CYFI working with 28445


       Dear all,




      I'm designing my own CYFI node. Indeed, due to pin and package compatibility I used 29x,27x, 28x as the MCU. However, nodes with 28X doesn't work. I tried to debug them and it seems that after the binding process, the node pass beyond the bind and get into connection mode it stays in CYFISNP_CON_MODE all the time and couldn't write the bind information to the flash. When I replace the 28445 PSOC with 27443 or 29466 the very same firmware runs perfectly without a glitch. 


      The node normally uses block 255 of flash for protocol data in CYFI configuration. I changed it to 254 or some other values and marked it in the flash.txt file, but in that case node hanged up for 28445 case. So I believe it might be flash related problem. Anyway, if anybody give me some direction or hint I would be more than glad.







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          The problem is indeed related to flash. I hand modified the code where the net parameters are written to flash in CYFISNP_Protocol.c file. I had to utilize E2PROM block to write net parameters to flash. However, it isn't elegant at all and adds an extra 1KByte to flash memory usage. I hope Cypress fixes the problem soon.