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    CY7C65640A hub with default parameters does not work at High speed with Intel ICH9

      I'm having problems with the CY7C65640A hub with a new Quad core machine.   
      The machine is a IP35 Pro from ASUS that uses the Intel ICH9 chipset USB controller.   
      I'm am using the CY7C65640A with no EEPROM. (The default setting used)   
      Of two downstream ports,   
      One port streams High speed compressed video. When streaming starts, no data   
      is received and the computer deadlocks.   
      On the other port, single high speed reads and writes appear OK and large bulk reads are intermittent.   
      Other symptoms include random driver load failures when USB plugged in.   
      I tried several PCI express hub expanders using two different NEC chips. Both worked flawlessly work both downstream ports.