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    About Nx2lp Nand program tools

              Hi there, I 've made a board just following the schematic in development kit 3686. The difference is My design had only one Flash chip and the 3686 had 8. The problem is that when using the Nx2lp program tools configuring my board, the first stage: programming seems had passed, but the second stage, there was error: Fat32 formatting failed. i was wondering what caused this problem. May you guys can help me!   
      btw, My usb chip is cy7c68023, flsh chip be samsung k9f1g08UOA   
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                  Can you explain what you are referring to as first stage and second stage... i couldn't understand that part of your problem description...   
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                    when using Mfgtool to program the Nand flash, there will be status text at bottom of the interface of the mfgtool's interface. First the status text is Connect to XXXX, the click the program button on the interface, the status text will be: programming..., which is the first stage i claimed, after a short while the status text will be :Formatting failed! , which is the second stage. if i explained it well?   
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                      It means it is not able to write a configuration block with the data.... connect to XXXX means it is able to talk to the NAND i.e identify manufacturer id and stuff... were you asked to enter the parameters i.e block size, number of page etc etc or did it just came up with the name directly???   
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                        Thx a lot. Sure, it came up with the name directly and the name info is correct. So you meant that it could not write configuration info to the right block?   
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                          Is it the first time you are programming that NAND or was it used in the past.... If it was used before using Ctrl+W (erases the NAND) and then trying to program helps often....   
                  the NAND of this type in the compatibility list is k9f1g08UOA-YCB0 check whether yours is the same else this might be a screw up due to the parameters used by the programming utility to program the NAND....   
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                            I've tried the "Ctrl+w" method, but it also couldn't make it. Maybe using a flash chip in the compatible list may resolve the problem, I'll try it.   
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                              The problem is resolved: i changed a chip in the compatible list, then it can be programmed and formatted.   
                      but there is another question, If i use a chip that's not in the compatible list, what should i do to make it goes around?   
                      shall i change the firmware and create new .nx2 file?