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    WirelessUSB LP and PRoC LP Radio Driver, Compiling Problem


      I'm triing to compile the 'WirelessUSB LP and PRoC LP Radio Driver' (http://www.cypress.com/?rID=14467)  v1.4
      for a CYRF69103. IDE is PSoC Designer 5.0 SP5.5 (also tried SP5.0)
      The SPIM RADIO DRIVERS are copied from an other project (couldn't find them on the Cypress Mainpage)

      How to resolve following error wich occours several times on build:

      Macro 'CYFISNP_1_RADIO_SELECT' Line 6:
      !EC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\PSoC Designer 5.0 Projects\CYRFRADIO_DRIVER\CYRFRADIO_DRIVER\CYRFRADIO_DRIVER\lib\cyfisnp_1_e2_spim.asm(257): absolute expression expected

      I've experimented with:
      ORG <address>

      but I don't know which addresses can be used, or if this is anyhow a proper fix for the problem.