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      Thanks about the Enoa parameter. The datasheets states:       



      ENOA Noise at 1 kHz (Power = Medium, Opamp Bias = High) – 100 – nV/rt-Hz       



      But anyway, I introduce  a sinusoid into a PGA follower  (Gain=1) and apart  I monitories the input and output in the First column and I get the image 1, obtaining the expected.       



      Input=Output (Port 0_3)       



      (Vsin input= 500Hz 1Vpp and 1Voffset)       



      When I did the same in the second row I got a noisy sinusoid  output.  The output is equal to the input but the noise is much higher than the specifications told in the datasheet, so I still thinking my part is damaged.       



      Image 3 shows the add noise is around 800KHz and 1MHz.




      What do you think about it?       



      Is damaged my part?



              By the way, I have a RC filter in my Port 0_5  board outout.       


      Could it produce the noise?