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    working with linux?

      i want to know if i can read data from the cypress FirstTouch kit in a linux based system. I can't find documentation about this...   
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                  Thanks for your question.   
          The FirstTouch kit has not been designed or tested to work under linux, however, it is technically possible. A custom driver may need to be developed or you might be able to reuse an existing HID class driver under linux and then a separate application to interface with this driver. Unfortunately, we don't currently have any documentation on doing this specific task.   
          Hope this helps answer your question and thanks again,   
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                    This is an old thread, but I hope it still gets monitored.   
            I am highly interested to read information from the FirstTouch kit from an embedded linux device. Is there any more documentation on the protocol used? Or do I have to reverse engineer the USB protocol from the windows machine?   
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                      Hello Thomas,   
              The First Touch Kit device has been designed as a HID device. I'll try getting some information for you regarding how the protocol has been implemented. If I'll get some, I'll update this thread.   
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                        how do i use the activeX examples that are given in the website? Is it auto detect the hub or i still have to type in some codes? i am using CY3271 and the link for code example are http://www.cypress.com/?rID=47 Please Help!!