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    Notch Filter

      I’m the owner of the kyt cy3271 and I’m working about psoc CY8C27443-24PVXI of the RF Expansion card.
      I’ve the example of a filter notch made on cy8c29466-24 PXI, it has been used a LPF2 duly assessed with an excel working paper ( sent as enclosure). I would like to know what is the capacity Cpp, because in the datasheet of the LPF2 it is not present. Moreover in the file main.asm the following code is present, and I don’t know what it is for, ‘cause I don’t know the assembler very well:

      ; Assembly main line

      include "m8c.inc" ; part specific constants and macros
      include "memory.inc" ; Constants & macros for SMM/LMM and Compiler
      include "PSoCAPI.inc" ; PSoC API definitions for all User Modules

      export _main

      mov A, reg[ASD11CR3]
      and A, ~0x04
      mov reg[ASD11CR3],A
      mov A, 0x03
      call PGA_1_Start
      mov A, 0x03
      call LPF2_1_Start
      call Counter24_1_Start
      mov a, reg[ASD11CR1]
      or a, 0x1f
      mov reg[ASD11CR1], a

      jmp .terminate