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    CY7C67300 with CyConsole and CYUSB.sys


        I am trying to get basic communications working with the CY7C67300  as a peripheral but EZ-USB Interface fails to load .hex files from the Bulk_Application example by Vivek Sriram.


      I have installed CYUSB.sys as the device driver using VID/PID = 04B4/7200 and the stock GUID.


      I am running Windows XP 32bit and used C:\Program Files\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.2\Driver\bin\wxp\x86\cyusb.inf as the driver installation file. The device appears in Device Manager with CYUSB.sys as the device's driver in driver details, and is detected in CyConsole as Cypress USB Generic Driver (


      The error message is as follows:


      Vendor Request failed
      A device attached to the system is not functioning.
      message repeats
      Toggle 8051 Reset (00)


      Anyone know whats wrong? My application only needs to transfer one bitmap from memory on the ML402 to a PC host using USB.


      I have attached the .inf file.