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    PSoC5 System Exceptions



      I've been taking some time over the past week to play around and get familiar with the PSoC development kit with the PSoC5 module and I must first off say that it's been pretty simple to get around to testing out a lot of the features as well as play around with some of the demo projects.  


      The thing that I'm struggling with now is trying to port some of my existing Cortex-M3 core code onto this micro (specifically the CY8C55XX family).  There isn't an official FreeRTOS port available that I'm aware of yet so I'm doing what I can get to get that OS off the ground (since my entire company's current firmware development is based on that).  One of the primary requirements of FreeRTOS for the M3 core is the use of the SVC, PendSV, and SysTick exceptions for some of the core functionality.  What I really could use some insight into is how to implement handlers and initialize the interrupts in a way that works well with PSoC creator.  


      Any input that can be offered would be appreciated.  


      Thanks and regards,