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    Behavior of CTL / FLAG pins in Port I/O Mode?


      Hi all,


      I'm using a CY7C68013a hi-speed USB interface chip.


      According to the docs there are thee modes: Slave FIFO, GPIF Master, and Ports I/O


      In Slave FIFO mode, the CTL/FLAG pins operate as FLAGA...FLAGC


      In GPIF Mode, the pins operate as CTL0...CTL2 and are controlled by GPIFIDLECTL ( except when doing a transaction )


      ... My question is what these three pins do when in Ports I/O mode? - are they tri-state or under control of GPIFIDLECTL,... ?


      Also - do writes to GPIFIDLECTL have immediate effect (on these pins)when in GPIF idle mode or is that sampled when entering idle mode?


      - Thanks!