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    Drive mode problem

      I am having a problem reading a Digital pin after I issue a change drive mode command. 


      The pin is configured as Dig. HiZ in the configuration box, then set to one of the following, pull up, pull up/own or strong.


      That part works and the pin is able to drive my output.  When I issue the drive mode command to change to Dig HiZ the output signal is disable and the signal falls to zero, (OK to this point) But when I try to read the pin it reads zero even if jumpered to VDD_IO. 


      If I skip the out put section of the code and the change to dig_HiZ the pin will read the signal.  Even if the pin is already in hiZ mode issuing the command will disable me from reading the pin.


      The command I am using is


      Thanks for your help.




      WSensor_SetDriveMode(1);   // set Dig_HiZ mode