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    FTK5 weird usb problem

       I've been using my FTK5 for about 2 months and it has developed a strange problem.  Plug in the USB cable and my computer won't recognize the FTK.  wait awhile(about 5 min) and it shows up.  Unplug it and then I have to wait 5 more minutes.  It works fine when it is finally recognized.




      I've tried reinstalling the entire software package and trying different cables but nothing seems to be working here.  Any ideas?

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           In the absence of any advice I tried following the Directions for modifying the FX2 small eeprom (found in an application note of the same name.  Now instead of my computer eventually recognizing an unconfigured FX2, it only sees a generic USB device that has no available drivers.




          ANY IDEAS, Cypress personal whom I know MUST read this occasionally??