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    How to get single binary after compiling wiced application



      We have SN8200 EVK+ kit and developing our firmware using Wiced SDK 2.4.1. We can successfully compile our firmware and download into SN8200 EVK+ kit. But we don't get success to download same firmware into our designed SN8200 hardware board. We noted that after compiling our firmware, 3 different binaries are available in build folder. Binaries are application.bin, DCT.bin and bootloader.bin.


      SN8200 HW board has provision of UART pins to download our firmware, not JTAG pins. We can successfully download Murata Firmware "SN8200-SNIC-UART-03-37191.bin" into our designed SN8200 HW board through UART pins using "ST-Link utility" and "ST Flash Loader". But don't get success to download our firmware that is built by Wiced IDE. Please find below our questions:


      1) How can we get single binary from Wiced IDE? Is there any target string available which will give single binary (combination of app.bin, DCT.bin and bootloader.bin)?

      2) How can we download our firmware binary into our SN8200 board through UART interface? Is there any other tool available for download a firmware through UART interface?


      Any help in this case is appreciated.