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    Editing existing components






      Is it possible to edit existing components? I would really like to implement an analog multiplexer which takes a clock input, so that it can change channel automatically.









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          I found the files for the existing components, and had a look inside the AMux.  The .c and .h files don't seem to have much meat in them. I tried to open the .cycym file, but PSoC Creator says it can't open this file outside of a project. I tried adding it to my project, but that didn't help.




          How can I open a .cycym file?

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            Hi Hugo,


            You first have to create a component library, then you will be able to import an existing component into your library.


            File->New->Project, then click the "Other" tab, and select "PSoc Library"


            In the workspace explorer, you can then click on the components tab, then right click and import component.


            Change the source library to the PSoC creator one, and choose your component.


            As far as editing the component, please see the "Component_author_guide.pdf" in the PSoC Creator install directory, \documentation.


            Also, PSoC Sensi has a few good tutorials on his blog.


            Good luck.

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              Thanks Terrance, that worked a treat.




              I've had a good look at the files that make up the AMux component, and I can't seem to find the meat. There's a drawing of the part which doesn't seem to contain the information about how to multiplex. There's a .c file which just seems to call other functions which I can't find. Only prototypes etc in the .h.




              Where is the actual multiplexing implemented?





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                Hi Hugo,


                For the AMux, look in the custom folder.


                You will see cyamuxcustomizer.cs, cybuilder.cs and cyverilogbuilder.cs, with some meat too.