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      I'm working with the BootLdrUSBFS module but I'm struggling to get the upgrader to work properly.


      If I invoke the bootloader at the beginning of main.c, the upgrade does seem to transfer successfully however the changes don't stick.


      If I invoke the bootloader after USB enumeration has occured I seem to end up in a hung state.


      Is there some obvious things that I'm missing here?

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          Solved my own problem (fortunately!!).


          Two issues were are work here.


          1. So the "ICE_Debug_FLASH_DISABLE" is poorly named. I'm not using ICE at all so I thought that this didn't apply to me. A more accurate name for this field would simple be "DISABLE_FLASH_WRITE" !!


          2. A resistor on the board was making the USB reset not happen. Hence it wouldn't enter bootloader mode from the main application.