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    Incrementing a pointer


      Hi all,


      Just looking at the assembler output from PSoC Creator for the PSoC 3. The code:




      uint8 *p=0;




      produces this assembler:




      MOV     DPTR,#p+01H
      CLR     A
      MOV     B,#01H
      LCALL   ?C?IILDX


      A call? To increment a pointer? What's with that?





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          Looking at the Map file, shows the function residing in the C51L lib file.


          ....\PSOC CREATOR\IMPORT\KEIL\PK51\8.16\C51\LIB\C51L.LIB (?C?IILDX)


          Using the library manager to create a list of the public functions of C51L.lib, verifies this.




          ..and looking at the MAP file again, shows it may be some 21 bytes long:


          0100009AH   CODE     ---       ?C?IILDX
          010000B0H   CODE     ---       ?C?ISTPTR


          My guess it could be some bank switching or address checking code.


          You may want to direct this question directly to KEIL.


          PS: the \LIB folder contains code for the Lib files, but I can't seem to match the function in question.

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            I don't understand why people aren't more surprised and concerned about this? Incrementing a value is one of the most fundamental operations in any code.




            Even MPLAB's basic C compiler for the PIC18  generates the expected instructions for an increment.




            Are there any better compilers available for the PSoC ?

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              Are you sure the pointer increment isn't optimized out and the lcall belongs to this increment?