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    ImageCraft compiler and memset function, paging problem

      (I have 've posted a similar message in the PSoC1 forum, but this one seems to be far more suitable for that, please excuse me for multi-posting)


      When we switched to PSoC Designer 5 (and the free ImageCraft compiler supplied with it) functional errors appeared in an application, which worked correctly before. Debugging shows, that the following line in the programhas no (expected) effect:

      memset (displayLine, ' ', DISPLAY_SIZE);

      However, if the above line is preceeded by a code, which stores displayLine's page number in the MVW_PP register, memset works correctly. (Maybe the library should have been adapted to make sure it will work regardless of what default paging mode is set by the compiler?)


      Have anyone else encoutered a imilar problem? What is the advisable solution (should we modify the code)?