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    CY4631 Laser Power  and Clock Controller




      I want to use the CY4631 OvationONS Gaming Mouse as speed sensor for my project.


      I tried to configure the chip to use a external clock but there was a problem.


      In the manual, it was that the Pin 1.4 must be driven in High-Z mode not High-Z Analog. But there is no High-Z option in my design so i used High-Z Analog and somehow i got the clock switched to external frequency (i read it on Pin 1.2) but my system crashed right after that ... it just freezed... Any idea ???


      There was another problem with the controller for Laser Power. I wanted to drive the power to max eye-safe level, but the value of the Eye-Safe Register(CRVCEYES0 3,69h)  is 144 and the max value of  the operating current register (CRVCOPPT0 3,68h) is only 141. How can i increase the operating level??




      eye = NAV_UM_bLaserReadEyesafe();     // Read eye-safe


      NAV_UM_LaserModulationControl(0);      //CW-mode


      NAV_UM_LaserAGCControl(0);                 //Manual power setting


      NAV_UM_LaserSetPower(eye);                 //Set power to eye-safe


      Can somebody help me?