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    using interrupts to generate a chirp signal



      I'm using the PSoC3 first touch starter kit CY8CKIT-003.


      I'm trying to use the VDAC8 to push out a chirp signal (a sine wave of linearly varying frequency from 38kHz to 42kHz). To get the values, I'm using a lookup table similar to the example on the online training video LAB 4 (the working man's oscilloscope)


      The lookup table's inside an interrupt handler.


      Question 1: The code provided with the training video doesn't work: My PSoC creator says that some of the code is outdated. Even if I update it, the code does not fully work. For some reason the program control shifts to the interrupt handler (I know this because I set a 'happy light' led to light up (and complement itself the next time the interrupt occurs) when an interrupt occurs) BUT it does not retrigger that interrupt some time later, as would be expected.


      Question 2: Is there something I'm missing, like clearing an interrupt flag somewhere?