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    Trying to create a bridge between application and programmer device.

       Hi, I'm trying to use the ActiveX control in C# to create the bridge between the app and programmer. I imported the control and pasted this code in from the document: http://www.cypress.com/?docID=22268


      It's giving me a warning about the namespace "USB2IICcom_EXEClass" and saying it cannot be found. Any ideas on why this won't work?



      using System;


      using System.Collections.Generic;


      using System.ComponentModel;


      using System.Data;


      using System.Drawing;


      using System.Linq;


      using System.Text;


      using System.Windows.Forms;


      using System.Diagnostics;


      using USB2IIC;




      namespace WindowsFormsApplication1




          public partial class Form1 : Form




              USB2IICcom_EXEClass Bridge;


              public Form1()








              private void buttonConnect_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)




                  if (Bridge != null) return; // Bridge is already connected


                  // Create Bridge Instance


                  Bridge = new USB2IICcom_EXEClass();


                  // Connect Events


                  Bridge.BridgeConnected = OnBridgeConnect;


                  Bridge.BridgeDisconnected = OnBridgeDisconnect;


                  // Start USB Communication






              private void buttonDisconnect_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)




                  Bridge = null;






              private void OnBridgeConnect(string BridgeID, string str)




                  MessageBox.Show("Connected: " BridgeID);




              private void OnBridgeDisconnect(string BridgeID)




                  MessageBox.Show("Disconnected: " BridgeID);