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    Bind and Listen 'sockets' inconsistency...



      In normal 'sockets' programming, after creating a socket, you then use a 'bind' call with "any port" specified so that you can receive a request for a TCP connection from a remote host regardless of the TCP Port used.  This would seem to be the case with the equivalent WICED WiFi TCP calls, since we have a 'create' and a 'bind' with WICED_ANY_PORT.


      However, the normal 'listen' call then specifies that socket and (typically) the depth of the incoming queue (say '5').  However, with WICED, the TCP Port is required in the 'listen' command as the 2nd parameter.  Now, this negates the 'any port' specification of the port!


      So, the question is:  how do I create a listen (and a following 'accept') for an incoming TCP connection request from ANY port?