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    CY7C64713 Descriptor alternate settings

      I need some help in order to setup an alternate setting inside my usb device descriptor in order to pass all test required by the Windows Logo Kit and finally to certify my device and driver.


      At the moment I'm performing some preliminary test using the USB Command Verifier (USB20CV) version R1.4.2.5 from www.usb.org but the descriptor test fails with the following error:
      Interface Number : 0, Alternate Setting : 0, Endpoint Number : 2, MaxPacketSize : 40
      Alternate setting 0 has non zero MaxPacketSize Isoch endpoint
      Bandwidth check failed
      (1.2.40) An Isochronous endpoint present in alternate interface 0x00 must
       have a MaxPacketSize of 0x00


      So I tried to create two alternate setting  (0 and 1), the first one "alternate setting 0" with a packet size for the Isoch endpoint equal to zero but without success.
      I also tried to create the "alternate setting 0"  without the Isoch endpoint but also in this case without success.


      Every time I try to specify an alternate setting inside the descr.a51 file the device fails and boot with the VID=0x0000 and PID=0x0000.


      Can someone please explain me how to setup an alternate setting inside the descriptor and how eventually to pass the USB Command Verifier test ?




      P.S. My original descr.a51 file is attched to the message.