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    CSDADC Feedback P5[5] problem bug

      HI, I have found a bug in the 24x94 CSDADC.inc files in C:\Program Files\Cypress\Common\CypressSemiDeviceEditor\Data\Stdum\CSDADC\CSDADC_24xxxxxx\    



      `@INSTANCE_NAME`_FEEDBACK_PIN: `@CTAB40`equ `@Feedback Resistor Pin`

      Must be changed to:

      `@INSTANCE_NAME`_FEEDBACK_PIN: `@CTAB40`equ 0x`@Feedback Resistor Pin`



      Otherwise the precompiler compares 0x10 with 10 (dec) when using P5[5] (Port 5 pin 5)






      Please report this Ganesh :)