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    CY3271 FirstTouch Starter Kit, Problems with the RF_I2C_BRIDGE Firmware


      I got the PSoC FirstTouch Starter Kit with cyfi Low-Power RF (CY3271) and have a problem to run the RC Bridge Wireless Hub firmware. I followed the description of the cy3271 Kit Guide manual.

      My Problem is that I can't change the IRQ_Pin to Port_2_6 of the RF-CYFISNP Module. It is also not possible to change the nSS_Pin to Port_2_7. I get only the following choices:
      IRQ_Pin: None, Port_2_1, Port_2_2, Port_2_4
      nSS_Pin: None, Port_2_1, Port_2_2, Port_2_4

      I have already taken note of this page, and made the changes:

      I use the PSoC Designer 5.0


      does anyone know how to fix the problem?


      Best regards, Nico