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    CyUSB.sys with overlapped & WaitForMultiObjects


      hi ,everyone,


         I am developing host-side software application . In the former version ,it used on ReadFile/WriteFile with overlapped to Read/Write usb bus,and WaitForMulitObjects waits for 2 events ( one for USB operation signal , one for UI operation signal)


        now, I need re-write the code base on cyUSB.sys. CyApi.lib is a good choice but WaitXfer is wrapped WaitForSingleObject,NOT WaitForMultiObjects,


         I would like to know the below:


          1,May I just use cyioctl.h and DeviceIoControl to Read/Write the cyusb.sys ?


          2, Is that corrected :


                BeginXfer is exactly equal with DeviceIoControl(hDevice, IOCTL_ADAPT_SEND_NON_EP0_TRANSFER.....),


                 which means there is no others  addtional DeviceIoControl operation 


          3, where and how can I get the source code of cyapi.lib ,I think it very.....very  helpful.