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    CyUSB.sys with overlapped & WaitForMultiObjects

      hi ,everyone,


         I am developing host-side software application . In the former version ,it used on ReadFile/WriteFile with overlapped to Read/Write usb bus,and WaitForMulitObjects waits for 2 events ( one for USB operation signal , one for UI operation signal)


        now, I need re-write the code base on cyUSB.sys. CyApi.lib is a good choice but WaitXfer is wrapped WaitForSingleObject,NOT WaitForMultiObjects,


         I would like to know the below:


          1,May I just use cyioctl.h and DeviceIoControl to Read/Write the cyusb.sys ?


          2, Is that corrected :


                BeginXfer is exactly equal with DeviceIoControl(hDevice, IOCTL_ADAPT_SEND_NON_EP0_TRANSFER.....),


                 which means there is no others  addtional DeviceIoControl operation 


          3, where and how can I get the source code of cyapi.lib ,I think it very.....very  helpful.



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          Hi Kevin,


          yes you are right that wait uses waitforsingle object not for multipleobject.If you need that you will have to write your own code.


          Otherwise you can use Xferdata() and it will take care of your transfers.


          For getting the source code of Cyapi.lib you wil need to create a tech support case at cypress website.