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    Default Levels CTL0-5

      It looks like this forum doesn't have a lot of activity.  Hopefully someone can answer a simple question.


      I'm a bit confused about the default levels of the CTL output lines used by GPIF.  Looking at the data sheet, it appears they default to 1 and this is controlled with the GPIFIDLECTL register.  However, the only code example I could find that referenced this register had comments that looked more like it was talking about FLOWEG0CTL or FLOWEG1CTL.


      If I wanted the CTL lines all == 0 when not in use, would I write 0x00 to GPIFIDLECTL at initialization?





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          The forum is growing day by day and you can expect a lot more activity in coming few days.


          Regarding the CTL lines.


          If you are using all CTL(6 total) lines in your state machine then you can set them to be 0 using the GPIF designer graphic interface.


          If you are not used to it let me know I can explain more about this.




          If you are not using all the CTL lines you can leave them disconnected.If you can explain more about the application I could help more.





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            I think I figured it out.  I need to write 0 to GPIFCTLCFG and then write 0 to GPIFIDLECTL.



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              It looks like we wrote just about the same time. 


              The initial firmware design doesn't use GPIF, but the hardware we are designing has all the necessary lines wired in for future use.  For the hardware and firmware to work correctly I just need the CTL lines set to 0 for now.



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                Yes you can do that as well, I thought you were using the GPIF, thats why I suggested to use designer.