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    The 2'nd client can't obtain IP address from SoftAP device while uart thread is running.


      Hello, Broadcom


      Our customer has some problem and system layout is as follows,


      Embedded System <---- UART ----> WICED(SoftAP) <---- TCP through WiFi ----> PC or Mobile

      WICED : SDK 3.x.x and BCM943362WCD4, OS/network : FreeRTOS / LwIP


      The first client(PC) is connected to WICED successfully and then uart data received from embedded system are also transferred to PC through tcp(LwIP) communication successfully in created uart_thread.

      However, if the second client tries to connect to WICED while uart data are transferred, the second client can't obtain ip address.


      Could you let me know why the second client can't obtain ip address? What should I do to fix this problem?

      If you need more detailed information, let me know.



      Sung-Mok Lee