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    New Creator update, but bus have anniversary

      This bug was reported 2 years ago.






      C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\1.0\PSoC Creator\bin\cyp3isrpatcher.exe "C:/Projects/PSOC/psoc3/PSoC 3 FirstTouch Starter Kit/1.0/Firmware/ProximitySense/ProximitySense.cydsn/DP8051_Keil_816/Release/ProximitySense.omf"
      The application 'C:\Program' could not be started. Error: '%1 is not a valid Win32 application.
      The command 'C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\1.0\PSoC Creator\bin\cyp3isrpatcher.exe' failed with exit code '2147483650'.
      --------------- Build Failed: 02/04/2011 08:00:20 ---------------