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    CY PLC Transformer

      sorry to post here but I found no other forum more pertinent.   
      I am developing a PSOC system with the Power Line Communication Module CY8CPLC10.   
      I checked the datasheet, but I found no suggested transformer for the signal path, except one that is obsolete.   
      So I googled around and found the Pulse Eng PE-65812 and PE-65612 transformers, that are suggested for Echelon applications and other digital audio applications.   
      I think that it should be ok, but I am not sure. Did someone tried it? and can someone suggest some part that is ok for this kind of application?   
      By The Way, I am using the CY8CPLC10 that is a simple i2c modem. Can it be used in conjunction with the CY8C27443-24SX microcontroller? I found no PLC module inside the PSoc Designer, but I think that it should be simply a matter of software library...   
      Thank you in advance!   
      Federico Fuga   
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          The isolation transformer we use is the 0505-0821G part manufactured by Precision Components, Inc. (www.pcitransformers.com). The datasheet can be found accessed at this link

          http://docs.google.com/viewer?cache:wchmS0UdVYIJ src="/i/expressions/face-icon-small-tongue.gif" border="0">citransformers.com/pdf_files/05050821.pdf+0505-0821G&hl=en&gl=in&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjD0hVMMpM7rWl68TWXTO2_W2NuRHNEPmB-gC76jx4Irg3X2W0qLP5k0cztE83HH7NKz4C2_9CaWn7no4G84mPCaLxkvfYtMir7y9qWMnUAvyFHhmZQ1o130RSxcmtKnJssg3Lr&sig=AHIEtbTCM6TYJ0JSg7tp81pi8otGiQG39A

          This part is still available with the manufacturer and I would ask you to contact them at sales@pcitransformers.com or use their website to request for free samples.

          The Pulse Eng PE-65812 transformer that you suggest has not been tried out with our solution, though it should theoretically work. The DCR is slightly higher than the part that we use and this might cause some loss in performance. This would provide a higher impedance for our transit signal path, and could cause some of the power to be lost when the signal is coupled onto the powerline. We would recommend having the lowest possible DCR. The Pulse Eng PE-65612 datasheet does not specify the DCR and I cannot comment on this part.

          To interface the CY8C27443-24SXI with the PLC10, you would need a I2CHW User Module used in the single master mode. You can refer to the Application Note Designing an External Host Application for Cypress's Powerline Communication IC CY8CPLC10 - AN52478 available at http://www.cypress.com/?rID=37956 to help you with your application.

          Let me know if you have any other questions.


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            Hi Rahul,

            thank you for your response!
            I'll ask our broker if he can provide that kind of transformers.
            I have found also this one, Myrra 74714 http://www.myrra.fr/product/pdf/74710-74715_spec.pdf that seems to meet the requirements (band ->200KHz and DCR 0.2). In effects PE65612 is the TH version of 65812. I'll try to see if it is possible to me to try both on the prototype.

            Thank you for all your responses.



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              No problem. The Myrra transformer seems like a good option.   
              What is your application? Would you want a sales or marketing person from Cypress to contact you? It would help getting support faster. If so, send me your contact details at rarp [at] cypress [dot] com   
              Yours truly,   
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                Thank you for your assistance, for now we are doing our prototype with a company that will do everything from pcb manufacturing to components buying, but it could be interesting when we'll pass to the production phase. I'll contact you surely.   
                BTW, our application is an automation device for offices .   
                Thank you again   
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                  Dear sir,


                  Can I use H93TX1 transformer of Hitachi Ferrite Electronics for PLC ?


                  Link here http://www.hfe.co.jp/products.htm



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                    Dear sir,


                    Can I use H93TX1 transformer of Hitachi Ferrite Electronics for PLC ?


                    Link here http://www.hfe.co.jp/products.htm