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    Boost converter with variable input voltage.

       I want to use boost converter to boost 5V out of Li-Ion battery and to let 4.2V battery voltage to drain down to 3V before recharge. What voltage level I set booster input voltage?  Or do I need to regulate first battery voltage down to 3 volt and then boost it up to 5 volt?

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           Hello Swami,

          • The Boost Converter input(Battery Voltage) can be any voltage above 0.5 Volts for PSoC3.
          • In your case the Boost component has to be configured to have a minimum input voltage of 3 Volts and give output of 5 Volts.
          • The Boost circuit will work for any voltage above 3 Volts. You need not regulate the battery voltage and then connect it to Boost.