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    Is it possible? waveform VDAC8 out via DMA, waveform in thru ADC via DMA?


      Hey. I'm working on a project that utilises a PSoC to link to a 40kHz sonar transducer pair to implement synthetic aperture imaging.


      I have an ambitious plan.


      1. The transmitted waveform utilizes the DAC to output voltages using a predefined lookup table via the DMA component. I have this already set up and working, but it's running on an infinite loop. How do I set up the DMA to run a one-shot set of outputs?


      2. The received waveform will be sampled by the ADC. I'm looking to either transfer each sample using the UART to a PC (good old RS-232) sample by sample, or save several thousand 8 bit ADC samples onto the PSoC, then transfer them in bulk to the PC. FIRST, is there enough space on the PSoC for all these samples, and SECOND, can I implement this second transfer using DMA as well?


      3. Is there any way to do the above 2 steps without involving the CPU? ie CPU tells DMA to start output waveform. When all the the output waveform points have been shipped to the ADC, the DMA signals the ADC to start sampling, and simultaneously start transferring sampled values?