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    newbee needs some help

       Hey dear, 


      these are my first steps with Creator. 


      My purpose is to create a window comparator for 3 analog inputs and


      -put 3 digital outputs hihg/low according to window


      -display the voltages


      Can i do build this with Psoc 3 kit?


      Is there some example i can rely on?





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          a good start would be to use one of the sample projects that come with Creator. Particularly "Comparator_Basic..."


          You can find it in the Creator start page under "Examples and Tutorials" then "Find Example Project"


          A search page pops up and device one would be "PSoC3", keyword1 would be COMP


          Once you open the sample project the default path is:


          C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\1.0\PSoC Creator\examples\sampleprojects\Comparator_Non_Inverting\Comparator_Non_Inverting.cydsn\TopDesign


          Hope this helps to get you going.



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            Hi Jacob, 


            there is an exmple project implementing the Window Comparator. It is available at the following URL.




            I hope it helps.