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    Any guidelines for the video?


      Hi, I'm just starting to think about the video now, and was wondering if there were any guidelines?  E.g. about how long, whether it should focus on the development process or the final result, whether we can get outside help with producing it, and whether Matt Damon would be available to play me, since I'm not very photogenic.

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          hey all,


          what's the max duration of video that can be uploaded?








          david ron

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            Hi mikes, David




            The video can be anything the contestant wants it to be. At a minimum it should show the design working and explain how the design works (high-level).




            The community members will be viewing these videos and voting for them. So, you might want to think about what you would find interesting if you were a viewer.




            Most videos is anticipated to be between 5 and 10 minutes.