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    Should Creator forum be combined with PSoC 5 forum? Your help is needed


      background: you can only use PSoC Creator together with a PSoC 3 or PSoC 5 in mind. It is possible to evaluate the user interface of Creator without hardware but you will get stuck sooner or later.

      On the other hand, when you are using PSoC 5 you will use Creator by definition because it is the only tool to configure the hardware of PSoC 5

      Because these subjects, PSoC Creator and PSoC 5 are so closely related, we are discussing to merge the content of both forums and call it a PSoC 5   --  Hardware  --  Software  --  DevKits forum

      You feedback is greatly appreciated and if we get a number of votes, it will have a strong impact on the decision.

      Please post your opinion in this thread.

      Cheers, Robert


      possible answers could be:

         1. Great, we can see all related topics
         2. Please don't do this, I would like to see these topics separated
         3. Either one is fine with me
         4. Other: ________________________