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    SysTick, core_cm3_psoc5.h SysTick_IRQn definition and Cylib


      Pointing Cortex M3 Systick timer to your fonction using Cylib will not work if you use SysTick_IRQn definition from core_cm3_psoc5.h


      CyIntSetSysVector(SysTick_IRQn,YourFonction)   this do not work.


      Because SysTick_IRQn is define as -1 in core_cm3_psoc5.h


      Systick vector number is 15.


      So this works:  CyIntSetSysVector(15,YourFonction);


      One more thing, SysTick_Config()  do not specify which clock is used.


      In my case because I used USB, I deducted that the clock used was 48MHz.


      So to get 1ms ticks I used :


      if(SysTick_Config(48000)){while (1);}


      I guess default clock is one of the clock at 48Mhz, but when I consulted the documentation, I was told that the clock for systick would be ILO.


      Maybe I did not use the proper definition, but it is at least confusing.


      It should be clear which clock is used and what definition we should used.


      I proposed that CyLib should be modified so that CyIntSetSysVector works with SysTick_IRQn definition from core_cm3_psoc5.h


      I also proposed that SysTick_Config should be modified to include clock selection if it is possible or to specify which clock is used.